The universe is in my cat’s face

7 min readMar 24, 2018


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Today I want to communicate an extraordinary idea to you.

If received, it will cause you to look deeper within yourself and what you will find there you are going to appreciate time and time again.

I want to communicate to you the idea that the universe is in my cat’s face.

Crazy title, right?

I’m serious, however.

A moment of eternity

Let’s just start.

Yesterday around 5 p.m. I was sitting on my kitchen floor. My cat had brought me into the kitchen, because he wanted something to eat — or maybe not, just some attention.

I was sitting down next to him waiting until he would signal me to give him something. I like to sit anyway.

Since I’m a skilled meditator — which just means I’m good at sitting — I got into meditation rather quickly. Now don’t get any ideas that this means I’m in some deep trance or something, because the state of meditation is actually depthless, and quite natural.

It’s just that somehow you come up with a greater consciousness or awareness, that’s all.

In that state of higher awareness I was perceiving everything for the first time, like a young child would. Time really is non-existent then. There’s a great contentment about this.

I was just truly listening to what is.

I had completely ceased labeling, naming, interpreting and judging the objects around me, and so was rather natural.

My cat of course picked up my vibes, and started purring next to me, which is not that common for him — he’s quite feral for a house cat (it’s a maine coon, btw). It was noteworthy to me that he no longer demanded anything to eat, and was just enjoyed sitting next to me.

We spent quite a bit of time sitting there.

I looked at him with my state of profound clarity, truly perceiving him for the first time (even though he had been my cat for 10 years), and I saw the entire universe in his face.

It wasn’t really in his face, of course. What I mean is that it became so clear at that moment that just sitting silently in my kitchen looking at my cat’s face is absolutely fulfilling.

In a flash I realized that not even having a billion dollars could ever top this. And I’m not being sentimental, because everything is in this moment — now.

Of course, that moment then isn’t now now, but it was now then, and I realized that everything that can ever be is just in that moment.

I quickly realized that I could spend 90 years sitting there looking at my cat until I die and I would not have missed a single thing.

The point of what I’m trying to say is that fulfillment is in every moment.

You can be utterly and completely fulfilled now to the point of where even just looking at your cat’s face uninterruptedly for an entire lifetime would be a life well lived, because you haven’t missed a single thing — the reality of that, not the thought of it, is what’s so striking.

That is the profundity I’m endeavoring to communicate. As we become natural again, we see that just everything is there.

It’s so beautiful beyond description.

Now I’d like to impart something else, which will be of interest to you surely, if you like animals — we are going even deeper. Bear with me, it’s going to be worth it.

Animal — human communication

While I was staring at my cat in stillness and he at me I became aware of something else. Besides his purring I perceived a deep sense of gratitude coming from him.

He was thanking me for not addressing him as other than my own self, because as I was looking at him, my soul was in direct communication with his.

In the past week I’ve come to an understanding of what soul is, and I can translate it into meaningful words now. But that requires you have the silence to hear it, because it does require a fair amount of self-knowledge to hear until you perceive it for yourself.

Soul is individual consciousness.

Individual consciousness is what inherently gives you a sense of “I” and experience.

That’s why everybody has a soul.

This includes all animals. In fact, it even includes rocks and everything, though they’re in a very mundane state of consciousness.

It is such that the human being is the highest developed creature out of all the species on earth — the human body is the most sophisticated among all animals.

This became immediately clear as I was listening to my cat, whose soul is not as evolved as my human soul. This is not to pass judgment on my cat — it’s just the way things are.

I might say the animal soul is not as divine as the human soul, but I don’t want people to get a wrong impression, because until you see it for yourself, it’s very difficult to get the idea of it.

Divinity is a very real aspect of reality, and so it’s better not to form concepts of it until you experience it for yourself. It’s nothing like you imagine. Divinity is consciousness also.

Now the question is:

Why was my cat deeply expressing gratitude as I was communicating with him like this?

All souls strive for liberation

It is because even the natural animals on this earth strive for liberation.

I saw my cat’s soul laid out before me, and the divine, unconditional love as the communication between us reminded my cat of the truth — the very same truth most of humanity has not yet consciously grasped.

The love between us, which was really the love of my pure consciousness toward that animal soul reassured to him that there is true freedom — that it is possible for him to go back home.

That’s why he couldn’t help but purr, and forget everything he was doing, and look at me with a great sense of gratitude. He became deeply satisfied at that moment.

I also saw with utmost clarity that my cat’s soul required this body that he is in now in order to gain the experience that is needed for him to transcend as fast as “humanly” (or should I say, “animally”?) possible.

This process is not very fast as you can see, because it is taking us humans a very long time — and still only a few get away.

Why animals kill humans

There’s one more insight I want to share with you in this article.

This state that I was in differs from my current state only in intensity — I have the knowledge all the time.

But there are what I call “waves of illumination”, which people usually mistake for enlightenment experiences while they are less conscious. There are no enlightenment experiences, because enlightenment is not really an experience — the experience is in the mind.

So I like to call them “waves of illumination”, because I find it is important that we speak right language here, and remove confusion as much as possible.

The state that I’m describing was such a “wave of illumination”.

In fact, quite a few of my articles are inspired by these waves that I have no control over when they come. I will probably write an article about the nature of these waves in the future — make sure to subscribe if you are interested in this.

But another thing that I realized during that time period is that as I was in direct communication with my cat — and my human consciousness guiding his cat consciousness towards a higher state of consciousness — that he could never ever kill me.

That means if I had this depth of realization all the time, I am 100% sure that

I could walk into the jungle to any wild animal and I would never ever get attacked.

Instead, they would all react as my cat did, and come just to be near me. I could sit next to a wild tiger and it would starve to death before it would ever even “think about” attacking me — it simply cannot do it.


Because I am NOT referring to them as other than myself — at a very deep and profound level.

In this communication we are poised in the same one consciousness:

This is made aware to the animal, which intuitively recognizes that what is happening is far more valuable than any of its worldly experience, because the soul, which is always beyond the physical anyway, realizes that something is being done for it here that cuts out lifetimes of suffering, which it would otherwise have to go through. And so the animal would willingly starve to death than to abandon this glory and deny the progression of its very soul, which is the reason for its existence in the first place.

— It’s all very simple, if one has the eyes to see.

The reason animals kill humans on this earth is because we treat them as other.

Not to talk about why we humans kill animals. The root cause of all evil is ignorance.

Final words

You can either believe what I’ve written here, or you can disbelieve it — it doesn’t actually matter. Reality does not actually care what you think of it.

However, I think this has been quite informative and hopefully it’s inspiring for you to look deeper into your own true nature, which is so amazing.

I am currently working on writing a guide to meditation, so that I can help you in the simplest and most effective way to open up the possibility that this also becomes a reality for you. Follow me to stay up to date on this.

Right meditation leads to knowing oneself — and knowing oneself is the key to everything.

If you liked this article, I ask you specifically for this one to share it with anyone you think might be interested — be it just for the reason that they love cats ;-)

Thank you for reading, and I see you next time.

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