The truth of spirals

8 min readApr 11, 2018


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Today I am going to impart to you a new dimension of knowledge regarding spirals.

This is important, because it reflects the very reality that you live in here. If you are careful, then the spiral pattern can be seen in many different areas of your life.

First, let’s pay some attention to the cyclic nature of existence, which will be of use for this discussion:

Pretty much everything in existence goes in cycles.

Even the entire universe, as science is now beginning to discover, is one big cycle. The theory is called CCC, or Conformal Cyclic Cosmology.

By the way, I have never mentioned it before, but I have a BSc degree in Technical Physics — but the significance of that fades in comparison with the knowledge that comes from within, which I am sharing here with you.

So it’s worth studying, because there is a reality about cycles that is often overlooked, and just recently I came to a more profound understanding of them.

We are going to address that fundamental reality now.

What is a spiral?

In the first instance, a spiral is a circle, which is something closing in on itself.

How often in your life have you noticed that something has come full circle? You started out somewhere, and worked and worked and worked, and eventually you find yourself in a position where you realize the situation has repeated itself again?

Now there are two modes of something coming full circle:

1) It has actually come full circle and you find yourself in the same position again.

2) You went full circle, but you are not quite in the same position again, because there is now a distance discernible in subtlety in the situation.

The first case is what is referred to as karma.

In short, it is past circumstances reasserting themselves in the present, because you have not faced up to the truth of the matter in that particular situation.

This is not auspicious, because it is actually bad to have a lot of karma. However, I am not talking about this kind of cyclical events today — we are going to do that some other time.

I am talking about auspicious cycles, which aren’t really circles, because that would mean that after years and years of striving you have learned nothing and find yourself in the same place again.

Instead, I am talking about spirals, and the power of spirals.

Spirals are also cyclical

In your experience, in the first instance a spiral is also a circle, and so you realize something has closed in on itself — the cycle has come to an end —but also you notice that there is some kind of distance involved: something has changed.

It is not all the same, you see, because a spiral is not a circle (only in the first instance are they the same):

There is now a discernible distance in subtlety — a distance in knowledge, you could say.

You have won something as it were.

There is discernible to you a distance between the present and what you thought you knew in the past — even if that distance is only in subtlety, or knowledge.

You have gained self-knowledge, and so you didn’t just go in a circle.

How spirals are formed

You should know that everything in existence, fundamentally, is cyclical — even the whole universe is going through a cycle.

What is it now that determines whether a cycle ends up being a circle, which has no value — or a spiral, which inherently contains more information than a circle?

What is this force that drives out the cyclical want of closing in on and repeating itself, and instead creates the spiral shape?

It is truth.

The spiral happens, because you have put in true work — which is to remain true to the situation year in and year out and not true to your ignorance, which just repeats the past error over and over again.

Some aspiration is there to prevent the matter from repeating itself and remaining ignorant. It is a rise in consciousness that determines the spiral shape.

Some energy has been put into the cyclical nature and prevents the will from dying into existence.

A spiral goes towards infinity — a circle is always zero, because it contains no information.

Nothing is learned in circles.

Am I making this up or are you starting to hear the truth of what I say?

Spirals are a very fundamental phenomenon.

Galaxies are spirals, have you noticed?

In martial arts such as kung fu or tai chi spiral movements are used to conduct the greatest amounts of energy. This is important, because without conducting energy you are not doing anything.

But also there are spirals, which are not manifest in matter like the galaxy is, they are manifested in the psyche — psychic spirals.

Karma for instance is psychic circles, and they are malign as it would appear.

But psychic spirals are benign. They represent a cycle plus the experience of self-knowledge. Whereas a circle is just a cycle, and nothing is gained except repetition of ignorance.

the two cycles: a circle, and a spiral.

Notice also, that as soon as you are trapped in a cycle — aware of it or not — you have to go on a journey to grow out of it.

Thus we see the follwing:

Circle — is a cycle where nothing is learned.

Spiral — is a cycle plus self-knowledge.

Inherent in the shape of spirals is self-knowledge. The blueprint for continued self-creation is embedded in its very shape. But also it is this self-knowledge — which ultimately is always only of you, the reader of this — that prevents the cyclic force of dying into existence from closing in as a circle and instead drives it out into this spiral shape.

The circle has no value, because it contains no information: there is no absolute loop. When you are going in circles you are only wasting time. You should know that.

The spiral on the other hand contains a unique opportunity, which we are going to look at now.

Leaving the spiral

Through continued spiritual aspiration — which is only to hold to what one has the knowledge of — the spiral is driven out and driven out until eventually you are so far removed from the center or origin of the spiral that you leave the system altogether.

Shortly I will be giving you examples of such spirals, which are not manifest (such as the galaxy or so many things in the environment around you), but psychic in nature.

Despite not being manifest in matter, these psychics spirals still possess gravitational pull!

Obviously there must be an analogy to gravitation in the consciousness, and it is the very will of existence that drives everything into existence that is responisble for that.

But what is this gravitational pull?

It is influence coming from not seeing clearly.

Somehow, through misunderstanding the current situation, a confusion can occur, which actually exerts a pull on your very being. You are confused, and this fusion has a gravitational pull on you — otherwise it would mean nothing.

One example of that is the gravitational pull of the mind, which every human being that’s born falls victim to, and whose influence we must transcend.

This confusion is personal identity — the person is not a fact of the matter, but exists only in imagination.

The very nature of transcendence is to comb out this influence.

This happens through travelling from the center of the spiral by opposing the gravitational force with clear understanding.

If you spiral outward far enough you eventually spiral out of existence and see all of existence in front of you as only an idea in God’s mind — and it’s just pulsating in front of you.

This is what it is to overcome the gravitational pull of dying into existence, and seeing clearly.

Once you leave the spiral, you see it clearly in front of you, and only at that moment can you truly assess your correct position.

It takes, however, a decent amount of self-knowledge before you even realize that the spiral shape has occurred.

Examples of spirals

I am going to give a few examples of these spirals now. In time you will begin to observe them for yourself in your own life, if you haven’t observed them already.


A man who has truly matured is innocent like a boy again. This can only happen when he has gotten rid of everything he needed to do. But he is not really a boy again, because something has changed: he has acquired life experience.

A true man is thus a man who is as innocent as a boy every moment (before the boy would appear to be corrupted by us), plus he always has his life experience — but he doesn’t hold on to anything.

It’s very rare in this society, where people only grow old, not up.


Enlightenment is also a spiral movement.

You may not see this yet, but what has happened is that in your awareness the mind appeared, and you got lost in that, so you had to go on a journey — such as everybody on earth is still on that journey.

But eventually you come full circle again.

The only difference is that now you know you are not your mind. That’s all that spiritual enlightenment is.

You see, before birth everybody was spirit. Then birth came, and then mind came. After transcendence, you are back to your original state, plus you now have the knowledge you are not this mind — and you have won tremendously as it would appear.

It’s a real maturing of your consciousness.

It is the next step in cosmic evolution.


Before you set out to master anything, you do not know anything about this subject, really. It could be martial arts for instance, but also it could be science, art, music, anything.

So at first you know nothing.

Then you practice, and you get the idea you know something.

When you practice enough again you revert back to not knowing anything. The only difference is that now you know you don’t know anything, whereas before you didn’t even know that.

That, and you are a master of what you do, because in that innocent, mature state of not knowing, you have become one with your doing.

All those are spirals —remember the power.

Thank you for reading.

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