The Truth About Individuality: Master its meaning and you master yourself

5 min readApr 27, 2018


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Have you ever wondered what the word “individual” really means? Or do you think: “Of course I know that — I am an individual myself…”?

Then this article is for you.

You see, in today’s time, the word “individual” gets thrown around a lot.

Quite a lot.

So much, in fact, that it almost seems inappropriate to ask for its meaning. But what if I told you, that by doing so, we’ll not only discover its true (read: original) meaning, but also a deeper meaning about life itself?

A meaning that directly relates to you, and every individual alike.

Let’s shed some light on this:

What is an individual?

We are going to find the answer to that question. By reading this article you will discover it is at the very core of real understanding.

But to know the answer to this question we must not simply assume we know, instead we have to freshly look. So when I ask: “What is it that determines individuality?”, the question is very much for you.

You see, I don’t want you to read this like a book.

Instead, what I want you to do is to check-in once in a while during this short article, and see if you can confirm for yourself what is revealed here.

Following along in your own experience you are going to get a much deeper understanding of this subject, and I am going to guide you through it.

Are you ready?

Then, let’s begin.

The meaning of individuality

Just looking at the word individuality already tells us a lot.

What the average user today is not aware of, however, is that often times the very reading of a word has a greater substance to it than is obvious at first glance.

That is because whoever named it that way possessed a greater knowledge of reality than we do today.

Who came up with language anyway?

Those people, who initially gave things their correct names (and who were really us in another time), spoke with what I call the power of ‘the logos’ — the original word or sound that was with God.

To speak with the logos means to have the power to describe things correctly — as they are.

The logos only comes down through self-knowledge.

An example of that would be ‘solar plexus’, which is a term relating to a very specific part in the human body.

But there are many other words like this that have lost their meaning.

There is a reason why this part of the body is called solar plexus, even if science remains ignorant of this fact today. I will inform you about this another time.

Individuality also houses the logos.

So let’s take a look at it:

Individual means that which cannot be divided.

This much should be clear.

But in what sense is it true?

If I take a sword and cut you into pieces, are you still an individual?

Were you an individual to begin with?

To answer that question we need to know how individuality comes about.

The essential characteristic of individuality

If I told you:

“You are an individual.”

you would definitely agree. Intuitively you know it’s true, but how do you know it’s true?

What way do you have of confirming?

You see:

The essential characteristic of individuality is to know what is true at any time.

This, and nothing else, defines individuality. For only you can know whether something is true or not — nobody can know it for you.

Take some time and reflect on this before we move on so that you actually see it’s true.

It has far reaching implications.

What does it even mean to be true?

To be true means to be who or what you really are, and not what you think you are or have been — which is what you are not.

From the definition I gave you above we see that individuality is directly connected to truth.

In truth, you are the only individual.


Because only you can know whether something is really truy or not — nobody can know it for you.

This fundamental ability — to know what is true — is individually yours.

Nobody else has this power, because everybody else still appears only in accordance to you and what you perceive as true.

And when you go to sleep this night, you take this fundamental ability with you.

See if you can confirm by reflecting on it.

That’s why there are not 7 billion individuals on this Earth like there are 7 billion human bodies on this Earth — (you can often hear such a false statement) — there is only one.

And that is always the one reading these words now: you.

You are the only individual, for only you can know what is true at any moment.

It seems like you are the one, after all.. Hi, Neo…

What you really are

Frankly, all of this sounds like a heck of a lot of responsibility, does it not?

It is.

But the solace is: responsibility is freedom.

Humanity today has largely gone unconscious.

That’s why everybody thinks there is individuality outside themselves. But is that true?

I would like to know where you have found individuality outside yourself recently.

The answer, of course, is: you haven’t. It doesn’t exist.

What you are is not a body, you see.

What you are is pure consciousness.

And there is only one consciousness in the universe, and that is sitting on that chair now reading this article.

It is your consciousness that is truly individual.

If you want to argue that there is other consciousness outside of you in the universe, please observe that that’s not true — that is only a thought, and not consciousness itself.

You are consciousness, and there is no consciousness outside of you.

This is what it means to be the individual.

Surprising, isn’t it?

But the upside of it all is that once you truly recognize and take charge of your individuality, you have no more problems in life.

Because only that which is divided causes problems.

Thank you for reading.

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