The true meaning behind the solar eclipse

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Everything in existence takes its rise from some aspect in the spiritual life.

So today we are going to look at the event of the solar eclipse, which happened not so long ago, and see what we can learn from that by applying self-knowledge.

The spiritual life

The spiritual life is the process of knowing yourself.

True self-knowledge, once acquired, is absolutely forever and ever and never changes again. That is the truth — an unfolding or revealing of your own true nature through experience on Earth.

Experience on Earth happens through your body. Without your body, there is no experience, no consciousness, and no process.

As soon as the body is there, all this can be here also.

Everybody’s life on Earth is spiritual, because spirit is what we are.

However, spirit is completely unbeknown to the human mind, because all knowledge through the mind is indirect, whereas the spirit is direct: it’s what you are.

The human mind works off concepts, and you are not a concept.

So let’s take a look at the event of the solar eclipse from a couple of months ago, and see what it can reveal about yourself if we apply some self-knowledge.

That way we will find new appreciation for this wonderful phenomenon.

What is unique about the way I write, teach, or inform you, is that I shall always start with the source of all things — the truth of yourself.

If this were a scientific discussion (and I do have a BSc in physics mind you), I would start with the universe, an idea or something — some sort of concept outside yourself. And so what I say would ultimately be untrue, because it all disappears when your body dies.

It’s why I don’t go to university anymore: I’ve realized that scientists do not know what they are talking about — they only think they do. Science indeed has its place; but as it is now, it is simply not sufficient to find the truth.

But don’t believe anything I say. Just read along and see for yourself if what I say is true.

That inner recognition itself is the process.

The sun, the moon, your mind and you

The recent solar eclipse is somewhat special in that it was a so-called total solar eclipse. That means that the moon obscured the sun totally as it traversed the heavens. For a split second there, the sun is eclipsed entirely and we are plunged into darkness as it were.

Now what is the deeper meaning behind this phenomenon?

As I’ve said in the beginning, everything in existence takes its meaning from some reality in the truth. We are going to examine now what that is for this natural phenomenon that is the solar eclipse.

Because there must be some deeper meaning behind it. We are going to find that.

The spiritual life is the process towards ultimate self-knowledge.

Now let’s look at it:

To not know yourself, to forget yourself or to be oblivious of yourself is to be in the dark of who you are — we could say the most fundamental knowledge is missing.

On the other hand, knowing yourself is to perceive all things with a shining clarity. That means in their true order and magnitude — it is to shine light on everything as it were.

So we see that:

Light and darkness in existence take their rise from knowing and forgetting yourself.

Everybody on Earth is involuntarily involved in this process; and in particular I, who am reading these words. Because you ARE the truth.

To be on Earth now is to be in the spiritual life

— even if you may be oblivious to that fact, which is to be unconscious, or ignorant.

Let’s go a step further:

The sun, which is the ever-present giver of light in existence, can be likened to your true being — it is the light. All light in existence is a reflection of the light of consciousness.


The moon, which is the bringer of darkness and the obscurer of the light, is akin to the human mind and emotions — that part of yourself, which is oblivious of your true being and likes to forget what it’s doing.

Split second of darkness

In the event of the solar eclipse the moon traverses the heavens and eventually obscures the sun. For a split second there, complete darkness.

Now, how old are you? Yes, I’m talking to you.

20? 25? 30? 35? 40? 50? 60? 70? How old are you?

It does not matter.

The truth is, once you awaken to your true being, that is, when you are no longer ignorant of your true nature, you see immediately that all these years you have spent in darkness — which is from the time of your birth until you realize your correct position — are nothing but a split second of confusion.

What does this mean?

It means that the time you spend here is not at all what you think it is.

You have dipped into your own sub-creation,

which is time, from which you must now emerge as your own individual consciousness and recognize your true position — which is beyond the effect of the universe and was cognized or known to begin with, but eventually forgotten.

That’s why it’s a recognition:

In a deep place inside of you, which is not really deep but actually depth-less, you already know what I’m speaking.

Hence it is possible to hear the truth of what I say if you are ready to receive it.

Just as in the total solar eclipse, where the moon obscured the sun, so now your human mind and emotions have obscured the real reality of your being — which is formless, timeless.

It does that by constantly interpreting everything around you, instead of being still and looking intelligently at what is real or true.

The amazing fact of this is that just like in the natural phenomenon, your true nature is obscured only for a very brief moment — even if experientially your while life you have been living in ignorance of your true self.

You may have spent 50 years in delusion, but as soon as you awaken and realize what you are, these 50 years are seen to be nothing — only a brief moment of confusion, not even worth mentioning, like the blink of an eye.

It is because you have dipped into your own sub-creation: time.

When you come out of it, all time is over. You simply see: It is not what I am. And you are back in your original, timeless place.

Isn’t it amazing how such a thing can be? And that this reality is reflected in existence for us as some sort of cosmic reminder?

Everything is there, if only you can see it.

That’s how wonderful of a projection this physical existence really is.

Everything here has its reflection in the truth.

Is that not what love is? That’s love.

And there is no time in this creation.

“But what is time then?”

Time is our sub-creation as men and women that we escape into so that we don’t have to face up to the truth of ourselves now. We play for a future that never comes. That is our ignorance.

But it’s also part of the play.

Enjoy the process.

It’s happening to you, and it’s happening as you, for you are life — only you must now regain consciousness. And I’m here to help you with that by whispering in your sleeping ear that time is up.

Thank you for reading.

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