The Solar System and the 3 levels of our being

How does the Solar System relate to the 3 levels of our being?

And what are they? What is the effect of putting first things first in consciousness?

At some point in human evolution we moved from a geocentric to a heliocentric worldview or knowledge of things. Prior to that, mankind simply was not aware of the the Earth’s role or position in what is now called the Solar System.

This revelation must have been a shock at first and very difficult to take in — a shock being a sudden change in the expectation of everything going as it’s going.

But this change was necessary.

Without this knowledge of the Earth revolving around the Sun many phenomena in the universe would have been difficult to explain and subject to superstition.

Once you see that the sun is at the center of the Solar System, everything falls into place and you see the natural order of things. Everything starts to make sense, because you have gone from an irrational, or rational, to a logical point of view or understanding.

Logical means I put first things first. The first thing in the Solar System is the sun.

Rational means I put second thing first — I choose where I start being logical.

Irrational means I put nothing first — I never start being logical.

By accepting the sun as the center of the Solar System we have become logical in that regard.

Now what about the 3 levels of our being? What are they, and how do they relate to the Solar System?

The true answer to these questions will be as big a change in your life as going from the geocentric to the heliocentric knowledge of things. It will be well worth it.

So let’s get into it.

3 levels of consciousness

The 3 levels of our being are the 3 levels of consciousness.

They are the conscious level, where we are awake; the subconscious, where we sleep; and the unconscious, where we survive death.

The top level of our being, which is the conscious part of ourselves and our waking state, is really the mental awareness that we are. It is the dynamic expression of ourselves as reaction to the world: the person.

It is the sense of ‘me’ — the entity, which everything in my existential life is happening to in conjunction with all the reactions.

It is all my thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, experiences and imaginations. It is the sum of all my self-projections. It is where I am hanging out in the form of an individuated entity going through life doing what I please.

This is what the conscious level of my being is. It is where I make decisions, and have the sense of choice. It is everything that I perceive — the external world. It is the person I believe I am.

One level further down than the conscious level of being is the subconscious level. In this level we find the human psyche.

In the human psyche the collective whole of human experience is stored as pure potential. It is where the potential for humanity — being human — arises. It is the human psyche that informs the spirit of human experience.

Without the human psyche human experience would not be possible.

In the human psyche there is stored our language, our collective fears such as fear of death, failure, pain, and all that. But also every other form of being human is possible here. It is the potential for human expression and creativeness.

Also in the human psyche there is engrained the knowledge of our collective evolution.

As human being I’m only so much disconnected from the collective whole. I must adhere to the collective evolution and respond to that and be responsible for that.

Two levels down from the conscious level of our being is the unconscious — the spirit.

It is the part of us that survives death, gets the knowledge and experience out of that, and grows in love, wisdom and being.

You can’t believe it?

It’s your mental awareness, the top level of your being, which is ignorant of this part of consciousness and can’t believe it. It’s true, however.

The spirit never grows in information, as does the conscious part of you — it grows in being, which is purely energetic and has no past, no substance in it. That’s why you can’t “know” it. You can only be it.

What about the human body?

What’s the role of the body in all of this?

Let’s see what can be done here.

Nobody can answer the question about the physical birth, if you want to ask, “What makes me be born?” — that’s just life as it is.

We tend to want to know why, but life doesn’t ask why — it just is. It is our mental awareness that is asking why.

In any case I can only tell you what I have seen for myself. Your job is to listen for the ring of truth in it. That is, you have to listen for a recognition that may be triggered in you upon reading this. That’s how you will know.

You will have to listen for that, because I can’t communicate this reality to you, you have to see it for yourself. What I’m going to say will be quite unbelievable. But I am only reporting back to you what I see.

As awareness I am inside this body, and also this body is inside my awareness.

At some point during conception, the physical body appeared inside my particular awareness. I drew this specific body that I’m in now into my awareness, because the circumstances of that physical body are needed for my spiritual growth.

It was pre-aligned by the great intelligence of life that makes everything possible.

The intelligence behind this process is infallible, and beyond the understanding capabilities of human intelligence, the mental awareness. This (cosmic) intelligence designed the human body as perfect idea before time began here.

All evolution on Earth (and inside the Solar System) took place only for the manifestation of the human body — so that I could be in it now and have the experience of what it is to be human.

The idea of the human body is as old as the sun itself.

The whole point of billions of years of evolution was to bring forth this physical form to house this consciousness.

Time, of course, is completely illusory. The act of creation happened in an instant. (6 min read)

The human form marks a unique potential for life on Earth, because it possesses the possibility of consciousness arising, and having the sense of knowing itself — though as of yet this is only realized in rare individuals.

At birth, the spirit enters the physical body, which in this case is human, and is then in immediate contact with the human psyche — the subconscious layer gets added.

It has been stored all along as memory inside the form as a result of millions of years of evolution — it is in our DNA.

As I entered this body I tapped into the memory of collective human experience.

My particular circumstances, which were pre-aligned, then made me what I am.

Through experience of time in the body the human brain diversifies into a mind, and the final layer, which is the conscious level, the mental awareness or human intelligence, is developed and added to my being.

At birth there is no such mental awareness at all, which is why we don’t remember birth.

So it is the human body, which enables the human experience of the human psyche and the human intelligence.

Not so surprising, is it?

The Solar System and the 3 levels of our being — making the connection

Now we’ve come to the point of this whole article. It will be very simple, but a revealing idea for you to contemplate nonetheless.

I have told you how, as we evolved and recognized the sun as the center of the Solar System, it revealed the true order of things and allowed for everything to fall into place naturally.

The same can be done here.

The next step in evolution is to realize that we have got the levels of our being mixed up.

We think that the external world, where my person is active, is the conscious part of my being, because that’s all we know — we’ve forgotten the reality of the spirit. It is oblivious to us.

The unconscious, which is the spirit, we rarely ever get to know, and so it remains hidden until the day we die, and our mental awareness is removed (because that part dies).

The mental awareness is not original to us.

What we imagine is the conscious part of ourselves, is actually the unconscious, and vice versa.

Everything in existence, including the person, is unconsciousness in motion.

Regarding our consciousness, we still live in the notion of self-consciousness, which is akin to the notion of the Earth being the center of the Solar System. We have put the mental awareness (or human intelligence) at the center of everything.

“What about me? What about me?”

That’s what we’re always considering, and that’s what self-consciousness means. It comes from the person, the mental awareness, or human intelligence, which is degraded cosmic intelligence — the spirit, or consciousness.

It is unfortunate that it is not very easy to communicate this knowledge directly to you. It is not merely a mental image, an analogy or a mnemonic, you see. It is actually mythic truth.

True myth is the way the truth can be told here on Earth. And that’s what this article has been about.

When one becomes still enough, one realizes that the Earth was born out of an idea the sun had.

The Earth is the manifestation of our sun’s Earth-idea.

Realizing that within one’s own being, and seeing the true order — that the spirit is at the center of everything — brings about this fundamental change in understanding.

So it is not the mental awareness that is at the center of life, running everything — it is the consciousness, or spirit, that makes everything possible.

To really become aware of this is a tremendous shift in perception

— and for many it is going to be a shocking revelation. One realizes what is in charge here, and that it is not the silly and frustrating notion of the person.

Upon seeing this, everything falls into place, and the chaotic battlefield, which is my existential life, comes to peace, and a stillness, silence and harmony is there.

There is no further resistance of having to keep up a delusion.

At that instant, all effort ends, and only the cosmic harmony of the divine will remains.

It is no longer the Earth trying to usurp the sun as its role in the Solar System

— as it is now the case with human intelligence trying to usurp cosmic intelligence as its role in life.

Suddenly you are seeing from the center of it all, and only a knowledge that this is right prevails.

That is the next step in cosmic evolution.

You may wonder how I know all this

The idea for this article came to me in the matter of a split-second during meditation, when this entire thing was revealed to me. So it’s not like I thought about it — I could just see it.

Such is the power of stillness.

By reading this and hearing the truth you are becoming increasingly still, fresh and new.

Thank you for reading — I know it was a long post.

Please share, ‘follow’, hit the *clap* button below, and I see you next time. Thank you.



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