Nature of the human mind

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Most people would agree that their minds are just the totality of all their thought activity.

But that is not the full story — it’s only partially correct.

Now we are going to examine how the human mind operates. Understanding this is going to make you more self-aware and will help you get clarity into your life.

What I’m going to share with you is the result of thousands of hours of deep introspection, which I have engaged in during the past couple of years.

You are saving time by reading this.

Let’s start.

The two sides of the coin

Your mind is like a coin. It has two sides:

The one side we know very well, and that’s why we usually identify it as our mind. It is thought activity, or thinking.

The other side of the coin (mind), which is often overlooked, is emotion.

Emotion and thought are made of the same fundamental stuff — mind stuff.

They’re just different octaves from each other. It can be said your thought activity is like an octave higher than your emotional activity, but, fundamentally, it’s the same stuff.

You haven’t seen this yet? Well, that’s because you’ve been tricked by your mind.

I am going to expose it now, so listen carefully:

Emotion is the lower octave. It is slower, feels more intimate and doesn’t change as readily as thought activity.

Thinking is the higher octave of mind activity. It is faster, lighter, changes more quickly. Thus it seems you have more control over it.

(This, of course, is an illusion. There is no free will at all: there is only mind.)

Until you perceive for yourself the relationship between thought and emotion, that it is actually two sides of the same coin, it’s pretty hard to see. So let me translate it into your experience by giving you an example:

Let’s say you love another person (most human love is emotional), and on a certain day you are quite fond of him or her. But then the next day, or the next moment, this individual does something you dislike — something you consider stupid for instance — and so you think that’s stupid of him or her, but you still love that person.

Your emotional state has not changed very much — you still love them — but your thought impression has swung from like to dislike rather quickly!

However, that impression is not very deep — after all you still love that person. But if he or she continues to upset you or just upsets you enough, then sooner or later you will no longer love him or her — your emotions are going to swing to the other side. And so like thought it goes.

It only takes more time, because emotion is more inert than thinking is, and it’s also more intense.

Do you see now how thought and emotion are kind of similar? They’re made of the same stuff even though feel a bit different on the surface level.

Thought and emotion are merely impressions on your mind — like the two sides of a coin.

We are going to examine it further.

The relationship between emotion and thinking

Now we come to the truly important part. What is the purpose of all this?

The purpose of emotion is to keep you thinking.

The purpose of thinking is to keep you true to your emotions.

Emotion always wants to lead you to a reaction, and thinking always wants to lead you to a conclusion.

That’s how they steal your life from you, because in life there are no conclusions, and in freedom there are no reactions, because reactions are robotic.

Thoughts and emotions work together to keep you in the mundane state of the continued acknowledgement of your mind.

You are a slave to your mind until you see this for yourself with utmost clarity. True intelligence is to see this and rise above the mind’s influence.

The mind is our greatest adversary in life, but also our greatest ally, because it ensures we can never be at peace until we overcome this influence and truly know our position.

Because as long as you are true to the mind’s projections some life situation is going to come and make you suffer, because the mind’s projections are simply not reliable. They do not represent life as it is.

In case you have you ever asked yourself why does everybody think, well then now you should know that everybody thinks, because everybody is emotional.

Even all the professors and the intellectuals out there are emotional. They say: “I want to know the truth.” — and that’s an emotion to want anything.

And emotion is certainly not the truth.

Everybody out there has hidden down inside their bodies the emotions of the past.

But we don’t like to address that, do we? It’s a bit too honest for most of us.

… and finally, feeling

To put thought and emotion into one word: it’s feeling.

We have the two sides of the coin, and now, there is the edge of the coin, which is feeling.

Thought and emotion are discernible to us in a way, because we have names for them: anger, frustration, worry (which is only increased speed of thinking), resentment, jealousy. You get the idea.

But in between thought and emotion, there is a bit of a grey-area, which is the edge of the coin: and that’s feeling.

For instance, you may touch something and say: “That object is warm.” And that is feeling, because feelings are always the interpretation of sensation, which is of the body.

The body creates a sensory existence for us, which our minds interpret.

“Warm” is not the truth. You have interpreted the pure sensation of the touch of the object — and that’s mind activity.

Your mind interprets your life for you.

That’s how you give it (your) life.

And what’s interpretation? Interpretation is pure feeling. And so thought and emotions are also just feelings. You see:

Your mind is not just in your head, where thinking is located.

Your mind is also in your body, where emotions are located.

Tensions, pains in the chest, discomfort in the belly, tightness, uneasyness— most of those ailments are caused by the thinking/feeling/emotional apparatus in your system.

Have you seen this yet?

How to get out of it

When you finally rise above and no longer indulge the mind and its projections, you are free of it: you have transcended its influence.

You realize it was never you in the first place that was caught in this trap.

That was only an idea — an idea in your mind, which you believed.

That’s why I say we are all being tricked.

The mind is like quick-sand: You touch it with identity, and you are struggling for lifetimes to get out of it: but then again, time was also just another illusion created by your mind.

And that’s the trick. The mind is selling you time and will continue to do so.

The problem is:

We are all feeling what our life is, instead of seeing what our life is.

Now it is time to see.

Claim back your original intelligence — it was all there to begin with. Stay with me and you become more intelligent until you don’t need me anymore.

To find the truth is the last unnatural need in your life.

Thank you for reading.

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