Cosmic events and utter business deals

The title says it all — this is the future of human life experience.

But what does it mean and how can you make it a reality?

Because I’m not concerned with giving people intellectual knowledge. Either it can be made a reality or understood now, or it’s not worth much at all.

This is the sort of mindset I’m moving into more and more as this powerful knowledge from within continues to manifest in the external world.

Because first I looked within, and asked myself very seriously and honestly:

“What is the guide? What is this life? What do I want to do? What am I doing?”

These potent questions, which I recognize are some of the first and foremost questions everyone has to answer for himself or herself, before one can move out into this life and bring with him (or her) a knowledge from this place.

Because that is true vigilance.

And it pays off.

Now let’s go into this matter and see what can be done here, what can be understood and what can be assimilated as valuable and truthful knowledge for your life.

The one decision

In this life there seem to be so many decisions, so many possible paths and so many choices, that one wonders: “What is one to do?”

But for me, really, there is only one decision.

Every decision in life boils down to this one fundamental decision, and it can be expressed in many ways, but the knowledge of it is only one, and always the same.

That is a major simplification of your life, and that is the guide.

The decision one invariably has to make, is:

Do I give in, or do I give?

Do I give in to my selfish wants, interpretations and projections; or do I give to the situation, to life, and to love?

Do I trust my intuition? Do I listen to this finer, subtler, higher voice inside my awareness, or do I give in to the demanding and negative voice inside of me that ultimately wants some repetition of the past?

Do I give, or do I take?

And do I live for what I know is true, or am I going to make an excuse for why I can’t be true now?

I trust you get the idea.

Every decision in life boils down to this fundamental decision, which always has to be made in the moment and always addresses the most pressing, demanding situation at hand.

The power of being able to separate and ask this question is what leads to integrity in my life. I have then made conscious a higher choice and I can make this choice — if only I will not give in to my needy self, and say:

“No, I’ma give!”

This is what brings a higher guidance into your life. And as you move forward, you notice that grace is here guiding you all along.

Cosmic events

Now I will get into the reality of cosmic events.

From a cosmic point of view every event is cosmic.

That means it is aligned with cosmic harmony and ultimately serves a greater good than you can possibly imagine or know.

But there are events in which the cosmic harmony is very recognizable and discernible, and you know that God is helping you in your life.

The truth is, of course, that God is always helping you, but I’m making a point here.

When you do what I’ve said in the last section — when you make that higher choice — these events, in which you know that God or cosmic harmony is working towards helping you achieve your goal, will be more frequent and more easily discernible.

I then call them cosmic events.

Once you start to really give, your life will become a succession of cosmic events.

That’s when you know that grace is with you every moment, and even though your selfish entity is wanting to come back and assert itself, the solace of that grace will always be greater and finer than all the self’s promised goods.

But how do you make this transition?

That’s what ultimately you have to find out for yourself. But I’m here to help you all the way as best as I can, by informing you of the great possibility of human experience.

So you must see where you can make that choice in your life, but you can always come here to be reminded of the possibility of it, because things do seem dark from time to time.

These cosmic events are what people would usually call miracles — and miracles happen all the time, though often they go unnoticed to our extreme business.

Now, cosmic events and utter business deals

For the rest of this article I want to give you a little example — an anecdote — of what just had happened this week so you know how these cosmic events are revealed in your life.

If you don’t got time for that, jump to the last section: “In reflection”.

A good friend of mine, which is the homie in the title image, has had the situation of having to move out of his work place. And I can already tell you so much that in the end it turned out to be an extremely close call — and only possible due to a succession of miracles.

How I got into this whole situation is a small wonder in itself:

Something inside was letting me know to take a course of action that saw no immediate benefit or purpose, but I chose to go with this inner call anyway, and that’s what ultimately lead me to being part of this operation — which should prove to be vital for the whole thing going as it did.

So you can see already where this is going.

These initial moves were made on Saturday, when I arranged to meet up with him and my brother (they work together) to help them out with their situation the following day.

Forward to Sunday.

I meet them both at the work place and lots of the junk stuff had already disappeared.

Florianjardin was able to sell off some of the equipment to two very friendly guys (also brothers) who were interested in the machinery, and after some engagement decided to help us and allowed us to use their big van for transportation purposes.

It was a win-win-win situation.

— a small business agreement on the side to make life easier for all of us.

I should say that these two guys were generated out of pure good luck after my friend had put an advert on the internet.

So already some very good things working to our advantage as we were playing against time to get rid of all this stuff, which honestly was quite an impossible task, because there was just so much.

But throughout all this hustle we kept our minds clear.

We trusted in what I already told you — zero negative thinking and a choice inside.

The rest of the day we loaded the van full of the stuff he decided to keep, and after I called it a day. They dispatched it and stored it somewhere.

Before leaving I agreed to show up next day at 7 a.m. to help them out some more.

It’s monday.

At 7 a.m. we all meet up.

First we’re deadlocked, because all the parking lots in front of the building are taken and we need those for our operation.

So we go get some breakfast and wait it out, because there’s nothing we can do.

As it’s time to relocate the van due to restricted parking conditions, at around 8 a.m., two of the parking lots right in front of the entrance become available, and we can begin to work — thank God.

We load all kinds of shit in the van, but we realize it’s not going to be possible to hit the deadline, which is 11 a.m., when this property manager is going to check everything out and close the deal.

There’s simply too much stuff to get rid of it all.

Then, suddenly, this random Russian guy shows up at our doorstep and asks if we got some old metal we don’t need. He saw us and he works for a moving company.

We get into talking a little and arrange a deal, where he would take our stuff and remove it for us.

Luckily, at this point, I was in on it, because I was the only one with the cash on hand to pay him off.

So he helps us out, while we focus on other things and this speeds up the process tremendously — especially since he’s a professional and much more skilled at getting rid of the trash.

Finally, the two friendly guys from yesterday show up and take the last pieces (huge stuff) and at the last minute literally everything was gone from this place.

Even they would note that God was surely helping us, because everything just turned out to be alright and a favorable position indeed.

A minute after having loaded the last piece in, the property manager arrives and accepts the condition — the time on the clock in the image is actually off one hour, due to the recent time change.

It was all done, and we were able to leave the past behind and move into a new future.

In reflection

It’s hard to describe the reality and noticeability of the grace that was with us all the time, guiding every situation and continuously showing up as good fortune providing us with the right solutions at the right moments.

The key thing for us was to have the awareness of what is needed and what is true, what can be done and what cannot be done, and to recognize and harness the cosmic opportunity when it does come.

For this, it is necessary to make space internally to allow it all to happen.

Because this cosmic harmony in action can be repeated and “used” over and over, once you know what the key elements are.

It is really self-awareness and tremendous gratitude

— the giving to something, which you do not understand and need not understand at all.

It is the knowledge of the reality inside and the vigilance of staying true to that.

That produces the best results — that are not hand-picked or due to any plans.

And that’s what we do here —

making the impossible possible.

Thank you for reading.

Please share and ‘follow’ me, hit the *clap* button below, and I see you next time. Thank you.



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