4 benefits that show why being pressured is actually good for you

3 min readMar 12, 2018


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Sometimes life puts you to the test, but what do you make of it?

How do you handle these situtations that nobody is exempt from?

Whatever way it goes for us, after the difficulty is over, we have grown in a way, isn’t it?

Let’s see what lessons can be learned from tough situations and circumstances as they arise in our lives.

Here are 4 benefits you will feel when you face up to the difficulty in your life.

1. You get to know yourself

When you’re under pressure, that’s when you really get to know yourself.

At those moments you start to realize what you‘re really made of — who it is that’s really in here, living your life, and whether this one is made of stuff that’s quick to give in/pull back/compromise/run from the circumstances, or; if you are able take the necessary action to purify that situation.

It is moments like this — when life puts you under pressure — that you really get to know yourself.

And you might say, when the pressure hits you:

“But this is hard! It’s so unfair!”

But I wouldn’t be so quick to judge if I were you.

Instead, I would give some gratitude for the opportunity to be put to the test and finally see what you’re really made of — and to realize yourself.

It’s a great privilege in life. So when the pressure comes, take it head-on.

2. You get to know who your friends are

During difficult times many people around you will be saying:

“You can’t do it. Give up. Give up that one thing that you really want (and be like everybody else).”

It’s nothing personal actually. It’s just the way extremely difficult circumstances that have come to test you present themselves. The people can’t help it, so I wouldn’t hold anything against them. They’re just completely hypnotized by the dark cloud that seems to be looming over you.

In fact, forgive them for not believing in you, because it is also part of your doing. You haven’t shown them why they should trust in you in the first place.

Either way in those moments you’ll be likely to see who is really on your side. Someone that is able to see past the dark cloud, because they see that you have it in you.

Not everybody can be totally with you in this life, and that’s fine. But if you do find somebody that is, then you have something very special there: a true friend, who does not simply abandon you and comfort you — telling you to give up.

3. You grow stronger

To be put under pressure is like training with weights. Life sees how much it can put on you before you crumble.

When I practice Shaolin Kung Fu one of the stances we usually train is called Mabu, or Horse Stance. It’s very basic, so that means it is very important. Sometimes bowls of water will be put on your thighs, hands and head to see how steady you can hold your position.

Even as the wind blows and you start shaking, you will not move away, because you know something is making you stronger here.

It’s the same with difficult circumstances in your life.

Only when you’re pressured can you come back stronger.

4. You start to have a choice

Because you faced up to the difficulty and stood against it, you now have a choice.

You have the choice to choose your own fulfillment of that particular problem, and so you are no longer haunted by it.

You are free.

Ultimately that’s what these moments of pressure are about — they give you a hard time so that you will stand up and say:

“No! I will not compromise with what is giving me trouble any longer!”

And that is the choice you can make. You realize you start to have a choice, and so you grow in the confidence that you can overcome whatever is put into your way. One by one you are facing the difficulties of your life and taking your life back.

That is true freedom.

Thank you for reading.

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