2 things every successful person must give up

3 min readMar 19, 2018


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What differentiates a successful person from someone who is not so successful?

Or to put it more accurately, since you can’t really compare two people anyway:

What differentiates the successful version of you from the doubting/failing/hoping/wishing version that you may or may not be now?

I’m not saying you’re a failure, but I’m asking you what is really in the way for you to fulfill your greatest dreams and ambitions?

What is it really?

Is it some other person? Is it some event outside of you? Is it the fact that you weren’t born rich, smart or good-looking?

Or is it that you want to remain physically comfortable and emotionally secure in your life?

This is what I’m going to tell you, but you have to see it for yourself:

The two fundamental things every successful person must give up in order to achieve their goals is COMFORT & SECURITY.

But don’t get me wrong.

I like comfort, and I like to be secure, but I don’t love those things more than I love to realize my dreams.

I have nothing against a cozy bed, a comfortable chair, a good cup of tea or the company of benevolent people, but I do not love it more than facing what I know is right in any moment.

So I am not willing to be tied down by my own need for comfort and security. When I know there is a situation that I must face, I do it as honestly and truly as I can.

This applies to all areas of life.

So answer these questions for yourself:

Do you rather remain physically comfortable and emotionally secure, or…

… would you rather like to be with the man or woman that you love? Say to him or her the things you always wanted to say?

… would you rather like to realize your dreams in terms of your job occupation, business career, athletic career, education or creativity?

We all know the pain of wanting to remain physically comfortable and emotionally secure when those moments arise, but we also know that it is not really what we want.

What we really want is to be with the man or woman of our dreams, to say to him or her the things we ever wanted to say, and to find true joy and happiness in our activity.

What are you willing to give?

It seems to me that in order to be successful in this life and in the world one must be willing to give up this need, which is like a weight in the chest reminding you that you can’t do it, because the fear of what might be is too great.

So you can read all the success stories of all the great people you may or may not admire, but I tell you that at one point they’ve had to overcome this demon inside of them.

This whole life is an inside life. The cirumstances on the outside are only a reflection of what you are willing to give inside.

And that is the guide in your life — so you can know what you’re doing — because you can’t replicate anybody’s success story anyway. The living life is like writing on water. It all soon vanishes.

Their life is not your life.

Your life is here now and it is demanding that you be true to the situation — not true to comfort and security — if you ever want to realize yourself.

And who doesn’t want to realize himself/herself?

So be true to the situation as much as possible, and see what it requires.

Thank you for reading.

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